What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful, collaborative relationship between a coach and a willing individual which enables, through a process of discovery, goal-setting and strategic actions the realization of extraordinary results.  Coaches provide the support, encouragement, and resources needed for clients to set and achieve their personal and/or business goals. 

Coaching is NOT...
  • Therapy
  • Magic
  • A "quick fix"
The coaching process is similar to working with a Personal Trainer - if you want to see results, YOU have to do the work!

Coaching helps clients:
  • Get unstuck & in motion
  • Improve results
  • Increase fulfillment
  • Gain clarity
  • Maintain momentum
  • Take risks
  • Discover what’s possible
  • Create opportunities
  • Exercise courage
  • Live richer, fuller lives

Coaching takes success strategies and principles that could be taught in a seminar, course or book and personalizes them - helping you understand and apply what is significant to you.

Working with a coach is like having a self-help “tutor” - someone to help you move from information to transformation.

Results: To read about the impact of coaching, go to "Client's Say" for some testimonials

What Does A Coach Do?

Coaches help clients move to the next level through a process of strategic questioning and focused listening. Clients commit to taking action and coaches provide support based on individual need. Each coaching relationship is unique, so there is no program that must be completed.

Coaches challenge, encourage, listen (for what's said and what isn't), watch, champion, support, invite, push back, suggest resources, acknowledge, celebrate!

Simply put...coaches help clients get unstuck.

What topics/areas do clients bring to coaching?

-Personal/professional goal-setting
-Time Management
-Work/Life Balance
-Business Launch
-health, weight loss

Honestly, ANY area of life where "you are here....and want to be there"

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Does coaching help you reach your goals?

According to the American Society for Training and Development:

The likelihood of a person completing a goal:

When they hear an idea, their chance of completing it is 10 per cent

When they consciously decide to adopt an idea, the chance of completing it is 25 per cent

When they decide when they will do it, it’s 40 per cent

When they plan how they will do it, it’s 50 per cent

When they commit to someone else that they’ll do it 65 per cent

When they have a specific accountability appointment with the person they have committed to
(i.e. A Life Coach) a whopping 95 per cent actually complete the goal.