"What do you want more of in your life?" "What are you afraid of?" "What do you know to be true?" Wendy asks simple questions that create deep insights and courageous actions - from confusion to focus; from not knowing to knowing; from dreaming to doing. Wendy engages the client and creates a safe space to explore with them both what is there (talents, wants, values, fears) and what is possible. By mirroring what she sees and hears, she reveals the client to themselves.  She believes that everyone has a unique mission in life and her desire is to inspire and equip people to see and live their unique mission.

"Coaching is not about teaching the caterpillar to fly, it's about creating an opening for it to see the possibility."  (Paul Lefebvre)

Wendy first discovered coaching during a time of confusion in her own life.  In an attempt to figure out "what she wanted to be when she grew up" she hired a life coach to help clear the fog.  Little did she know, after a couple of sessions it would become clear that coaching was a great fit with her passions, skills and talents.  Her own coach as well as training facilitators confirmed that she posessed natural ability and intution. Now, ten years later, she still revels in every opportunity to share an "ah ha" moment with a client.

Wendy immerses herself in a variety of exciting and interesting experiences (past and present): running her own retail business; speaking for various organizations; hosting weekend retreats; co-founding and leading a Marriage Enrichment Initiative - Hot Date Night; completing eight marathons; developing and facilitating workshops; leading humanitarian aid trips and most importantly - raising three amazing (now adult) children with her biggest cheerleader - her husband, Kevin.

Believing that life is a gift to be savoured and shared, she welcomes opportunities to sow into people's lives.

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Professional Co-Active Life Coach
• The Coaches Training Institute, 2005/2006

Certified Teacher/Trainer of Adults
• Conestoga College 2005

Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership Course
• Institute for Health & Human Potential, March 2006

Certified Personal Trainer
• Can-Fit-Pro 2008