Some feedback from clients about the coaching experience...

I loved my experience with you Wendy. I consider you a great part of my life journey that I will never forget. I have opened myself up to new outlooks and have changed my many opinions because of our great work together. I truly believe that you were the answer I needed that saved me through my devastating time in life. Although it was a long journey I now understand why it took so long to get here. So that I could appreciate the results more, and for that I am forever thankful.

I already have, would and will refer you to anyone looking to open up or change their life.(RG)

"I really liked the coaching session you gave me. The thing I liked most was that you did not tell me what I should do, but made me think by myself to come up with solutions! I really liked that...Most of self help books tell you what you should do, but do not focus on your individual situation.

I think parents should also be coaches to their children, in a way. It will teach kids to become responsible adults!

What you are doing is great - you get people to think differently and let them know that answers are within them! I think everyone should have a life coach at least once in their life!" (MB)

"This journey you have walked with me has been the biggest blessing I could ever imagine and as we continue to walk forward know that I hold you in the highest esteem and I appreciate who the Lord has made you to be. (CR)

"I left feeling excited and ready to tackle my assignments that we had agreed on, you make me feel like anything is possible that I can do anything." (DK)

"This coaching thing is fabulous you know- I think everyone should have a coach or mentor."

"You are God's messenger to help me work through this and see it plainly in my own life- God has never spoken audibly to me in first person but I know that He has through you." (CR)

" allowed me to put my normal way of thinking aside and get imaginative with new ideas."

Before I met Wendy, I had goals, aspirations and dreams of things I wanted to do, but for some reason I never got around to doing them. All my heart’s desires sat on a shelf collecting dust. I was stuck living in survival mode dealing with health and financial issues, but time marched on. I could not stand the stuck feeling any longer. I could not stand the thoughts in my head that reminded me of unaccomplished dreams and goals. I could no longer wait until life got better and I had more money. I went to my computer and typed “life coach in Kitchener-Waterloo” into the google search bar.

I clicked on the first name that showed up in the search results and it brought me to Wendy Pauls’ website. I contacted Wendy, we met and I committed to three months of coaching. I needed help to clarity my life purpose and take focused action on my goals.

It would take too much space to describe all the ways that Wendy’s life coaching helped me, so I’d like to give one example. For a very long time, I felt drained of energy while doing my work. Wendy asked some enlightening questions during our sessions that encouraged me to think about the bigger picture to discover the things that were really important to me. For instance, freedom, creativity, expression, fun and play are important. Wendy helped me to move forward on my goal to start a blog where I could play with creativity and expression. I was amazed at the energy and inspiration I gained from it. Each day, I played and had fun with the blog then sailed through the work that drained me and I even had some energy left over. I couldn’t remember a time that I had more enthusiasm, energy and inspiration.

During the three months of coaching I accomplished more on my goals than I had in the previous ten years. I gained a zest for life that overshadowed the pain and inflammation I deal with daily from an autoimmune disease. And I gained self-confidence because I discovered an “I can do it” way of thinking and being.

If anything I’ve said rings true for you too, I would urge you to contact Wendy to start living your passion and discover a new YOU.
(Marianne Irvine, New Hamburg, Ontario)